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High Volume Recruitment is easier
Increase the flow of relevant candidates for high volume vacancies by data-driven campaigns and automated screening interviews
Using power of social media and chatbots, we will find, attract and qualify as many candidates as possible so that you can hire the necessary number of employees
Brands who trust us
The results we have achieved
The technology allows you to robotize the stage of initial contact with the candidate, reducing labor input for calls by 32%
As a result: the position fills 18% faster
candidates for the position of Remote call center staff
candidates for the position of Telemarketer
candidates for the position of Deliveryman
candidates for the position of Support specialist
candidates for the position of Service engineer
candidates for the position of Sales manager
Your problems, our solution
Not enough candidates
We engage required number of candidates using power of social media and paid-advertising
We automate screening interviews by chatbot — only qualified candidates are forwarded to recruiters
Low quality of applies
Chatbot sends reminders about missed messages and scheduled meetings with the recruiter
Ghosting before an interview
We save the recruiter from the routine and reduce the risk of emotional burnout and dismissal
Burnout of recruiters

— Gartner
30% of recruitment tasks — searching, screening, shortlisting of candidates and initial interaction with candidates will be fully automated using AI and Data as a Service (DaaS)

We undertake
We automate the first interview and transfer suitable applicants to Workday and other CRM
Screening interview and scheduling
Engaging candidates from social media
We work with all social media to find unique candidates in the required quantity
We talk about the company values and benefits of the position to «soft-sell» the job
Improve the Employee Value Proposition
All candidate's data is saved. You can contact any candidate when a new position opens
Сandidates database
Information about the candidate is entered into the CRM-platform
The bot makes sure that the candidate doesn't miss the interview
The bot schedules a date for an interview with the recruiter
Chatbot performs screening interview and sells the job position
The candidate enters a dialogue with a chatbot in a messenger
Acquisition candidates from social media
Set up a chatbot
Set up advertising campaigns
Give a job recommendation and an offer
Define and segment the target audience
How it works
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The budget depends on the specifics of vacancies, the volume of recruitment, the number of promoted cities and the difficulties of the necessary integrations

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Why is a chatbot better than other audio or video interview tools?
A video interview is scary for some candidates.Due to insecurities, doubts about appearance or speech, many people will simply ignore the vacancy, even being excellent specialists
No timidness
Single format for data
Texting is much easier and faster. All candidates' responses are stored and transmitted in a single format. You can read them in a few seconds — it's quicker than listening to records
Convenience for candidates
The chatbot does not require an immediate response. The dialogue takes place at a pace convenient for the candidate. The bot politely reminds about itself only if there is no response for a long time
The fewer jumps between apps, the higher interview conversion rate
Conversion is higher
Who we are
The automated selection solution was created due to the combination of the two companies' competencies. Flate Digital agency searches for candidates on social media, and Chatme automates the selection process and interviews’ arrangement
CEO and founder of chatme.ai – nocode platform for creating AI chatbots and implementing bots on a turnkey basis. Co-founder of HR-tech companies Junglejobs.ru, Sever.Ai
Sergey Shlykov
CEO and founder of Flate Digital — remote digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC, Content Marketing & Websites.
Matvei Borovets
What else can we help with?
Create and promoting an HR brand in social media
Promote online and offline events
Devise HR project on a turnkey basis — from landing page to interview arrangement
Automate HR processes at all stages of an employee's work in the company using smart chatbots
Automate other business processes using smart chatbots
Create an interconnected ecosystem of the company's chatbots
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